Thursday, August 21, 2008

Red Ring of Death (RRoD)

The RRoD or Red Ring of Death as it is commonly known has proven to be an issue for at least one in three xbox 360 owners. It's becoming more and more noticeable these days as games that really start to push the Xbox 360's hardware to it's limits have come out.

The two games that seem to bring on the dreaded Red Ring of Death the most are Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. It is so common for these games to cause the RRoD that there is even a class action suit being taken out against the manufacturers for supplying hardware that is not appropriate for playing the games they say it should.

The Red Ring of Death according to the manufacturers was an error prevalent in the first release consoles. Customers who bought the later released premium packs with larger hard drives and High Definition connections have not had to put up with the Red Ring of Death as much.

Microsoft has extended the usual one year warranty to three years, and the Red Ring of Death blunder has forced them to set aside $1,000,000,000. Yes that's right, a BILLION dollars just to fix and replace all the faulty xbox 360s out there.

Taking advantage of the extended warranty has it's inconveniences though. You must have proof of purchase, be the original purchaser, have purchased your xbox 360 from a licensed dealer, not voided the warranty already by modifying your xbox or opening it. So hard luck to anybody that heard about the overheating problems who installed additional cooling devices to their xbox. The manufacturer will not fix your Red Ring of Death

Hard luck to anybody that opened up their brand new xbox 360 to personalize it by changing the case, your Red Ring of Death will not be fixed for free. Also hard luck to anybody who purchased an Xbox 360 secondhand or otherwise from eBay or off a friend who overspent his allowance and couldn't afford bus money to get to school. The Red Ring of Death is your problem, not the manufacturers.

Fixing the Red Ring of Death through the manufacturer can take weeks, and that's a lot of precious gaming time down the tube.

The manufacturer has tried to convince everyone that the Red Ring of Death could be caused by any number of reasons, because initially before the extended warranty was issued you as a customer had to fork out $140+ to fix the RRoD.

This has backfired on them and cost them years of revenue.

The truth of the matter though, is that the Red Ring of Death can be fixed in under an hour, and you can do it yourself with just a few household tools that you probably already have.

I wrote this because my Xbox 360 suffered from the Red Ring of Death and I was able to fix it using the information in this E-book It has video tutorials, and the information site has free preview videos so you can see the sort of quality information you get.

Yes it DOES cost money, but the repair guide will save you a lot of hassle. It'll also save you money if you, like me, voided your warranty.

Daniel Scott is an avid gamer who suffered from the Red Ring of Death and started a blog on how to fix it. Click here to find out more.

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