Thursday, August 21, 2008

Repairing Xbox 360 - Basic Steps

The dreaded "red ring of death" is an extremely frustrating experience for anybody who is unfortunate enough to experience it. Today you are going to learn the basic steps to repairing Xbox 360 errors yourself- in doing so you will save time, money, effort and stress, and be able to get gaming again much faster.

Many people believe that the only way they can fix their console is to send it off to an Xbox 360 repair center, such as the large one that Microsoft operates. However, sending your console away means that you will have to wait quite a long period of time to get it back, plan for at least one-month/4 weeks. For this reason alone, you are better off repairing the problem yourself.

The first step to doing so is to determine the cause of the error. In most cases, it is overheating. This is something that affects almost all high-powered electronic devices, as the components will put out large amounts of heat as a waste product. Because there are few fans and heat sinks in the Xbox 360, the temperature rises rapidly, and the console will shut itself off to prevent further damage. You are warned of this by the flashing lights that appear in the power switch, as well as the fact that you will be unable to play any of your games/watch movies/go on Xbox live.

In order to repair your Xbox 360, you will need to purchase a repair guide, which is a collection of videos, photos, and text files that will show you how to find the fault in your console then fix it in the correct manner. The files will come in a downloadable package- most of them retail for around the $30-40 USD mark, which is a fairly reasonable price. Although I would love to show you how to carry out the repairs without a guide, there is very little chance that you could determine the fault and remedy it without the video and image files.

Finally, if you are tempted to try what is known as the "towel wrap trick", don't be! This may work temporarily, but will eventually increase the heat level inside your console, leading to further, irreversible damage. Also, having a bath towel wrapped around your console ruins it's styling just a little bit, don't you think?

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James Philipson has been involved in the electronics industry for over 10 years and has repaired more than 30 Xbox 360 consoles since the platform's release over two years ago.

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